Three Card Poker Hand Rankings

Even though Three Card Poker is a fairly simple game to learn, one must pay special attention to the composition of your poker hand. One of the most significant decisions in this game is whether to raise or fold and this you determine by your hand ranking. This report is meant to assist you make that decision more easily.

These are the Three Card Poker hand rankings which I will rank from lowest to highest:
High card: A single card value, no copies, not in sequence and all must be of another suit. The hand needs to have a Queen or higher card to be categorized a High card hand. For instance King of hearts, 10 of clubs and 3 of clubs in 1 hand.
Pair: Two of those three cards have to be the identical value. For instance Ten of hearts, Ten of clubs and 3 of clubs in 1 hand.
Flush: All 3 cards must be of same suit but not in sequence. For instance two of diamonds, 6 of diamonds and 7 of diamonds in 1 hand.
Straight: All 3 cards are in sequence but not of the same suit. For instance two of Clubs, 3 of 4 and diamonds of spades in 1 hand.
Three of a Kind: Three of the same card. For example 4 of Clubs, 4 of diamonds and 4 of hearts in 1 hand.
Straight Flush: The highest hand you can get in Three Card Poker. It’s composed of the cards being in sequence and of the same suit.

For instance Queen of hearts, King of hearts and Ace of hearts.